Jamel Hamka Biography

Jamel Hamka was born December 2, 1980 in Detroit, MI. His father was an immigrant from Lebanon and his mother was a blonde hair, blue eyed American. Shortly after he was born, Jamel’s parents were divorced and he lived with his mother along with his two older brothers. After Jamel turned six he moved to Peoria, IL and he would stay in Illinois until he would leave for college.

God’s Will

JamelPhotoJamel started attending Bay View Baptist Church in Washington, IL on a bus route at the age of 14. He came periodically until the age of 16 when he eventually surrendered to do the will of God. He felt God’s calling to be in the ministry and gave up his ambitions of being a veterinarian and instead enrolled to go to Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, CA. While attending GSBC, Jamel met his future wife, Charity Rouse. They were simply friends at that time and after 2 years of attending GSBC, Jamel felt led to transfer to another great Bible college called Crown College in Powell, TN. It was at Crown College that his long distance friendship with Charity Rouse grew into a long distance relationship. They fell in love and on July 26, 2003 they were married. Charity already graduated GSBC with a Bachelors studying music and specifically piano but Jamel had one semester to go. After finishing his last semester married he graduated from Crown College in 2004 with a 3.94 GPA and summa cum laude honors.

Charity Hamka

Charity Hamka was born and raised a daughter of a missionary.  Her father preached to Spanish speakers and because of this Charity has a deep love of languages as she grew up learning Spanish.  Her desire for languages was amplified by her father’s teaching and learning from her mother.  Charity’s mother worked as a tutor and was able to home school both Charity and her sister.  They both did fantastic in school and by the age of 14 Charity and her sister dual-enrolled in high school.  Charity then moved on to the University of Central Florida where she studied foreign languages.  Her passion for language continued as she specifically studied Spanish and French and she is still fluent in both languages.  At some point during college Charity felt a calling from God that she should drop her language studies and pursue music and piano.  She Then attended Golden State Baptist College in 2000 and graduated with cum laude honors in 2003.


2004 was a busy year for the Hamka’s because it was the year they purchased their first dog, Daisy, and it was the year they first went into the ministry full time. Over the next 10 years, Jamel and Charity served in 4 different churches in Indiana, Florida, Virginia and finally North Carolina. They have settled in serving at Southview Baptist Church in Statesville, NC in 2011 and plan on serving there for many more years.

Recherche Goldens

Jamel and Charity have not been blessed with any children but instead have been blessed with a large “furry family.” They purchased their first English Crème Golden Retriever in 2007 and started professionally breeding them since and they called their business Recherche Goldens. They have grown their program and business to be a leader in their perspective fields. Recherche Goldens specialize in not only breeding but training the white European Golden Retrievers. They purchased a beautiful new home with over 4000 sq ft of professional concreted and heated/ac buildings and 15+ acres. They also have several employees to help labor and train each individual puppy. Jamel and Charity have no plans on moving any time soon and hope to make Statesville their forever home if the Lord wills.